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Our Covenants

Covenant 1

To Your Kingdom Reign

Believing the One God to be the sovereign creator of all, who became flesh in the person of Jesus of Nazareth and continues to be present in the Holy Spirit, we submit all we are and all we possess to God’s kingdom reign.

I believe you are who you say you are, the one and only God,

in whom all starts and ends

I believe before you is all things,

all that is or lives or breathes

is formed within your hands

You were here

and they called you the Son of Man, Jesus, and you are here,

your Spirit a guiding hand always,

so with all I have, all I am 

I give all I have, all I am

to your Kingdom Reign

Covenant 2

New In You Again

Affirming God’s love for the world and God’s reconciliation of all things to God's self, we submit our hopes and dreams to God’s coming kingdom through the discernment of the body.

You love; we know this much is true

And all things made by you will see the coming of the glory of the Lord

We feel your kingdom coming down

Our hopes and dreams laid down

For just a chance to give to what you’re doing now


We know your love is for the world

Your truth is the good news for everyone; we see your reconciling hand - you’re making all things new in you again, new in you again


We trust your love for us is true, and all things made for you receive you through Christ Jesus by your spirit, Lord

We hope, for in Christ you paved the way, now all creation waits with baited breath to see your kingdom coming down

Covenant 3

We Are The Continuation

Rejecting the wisdom of this age, Jesus came as the complete expression of the wisdom of God, which was revealed in the signs he performed and the nature he displayed. We embrace this wisdom and we participate in God’s kingdom as we daily practice the continuing works and nature of Christ, including radical self-denial; prayerful trust in God’s guidance and provision; and deep love for friends and enemies alike.

You are the wisdom of the world turned upside down who came to be the full expression of your kingdom coming down; we embrace that wisdom now

You are all that we need and all that we trust, the wisdom of God here with us; denying ourselves, united in love - the fullness of God here with us

We see the truth of who you are in the nature you displayed: a love of enemy and friend, those who believed healed in your name

We are the continuation of that wisdom (here with us)

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