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Magnificat Lullaby

Or Lullaby for Kingdom Come

Come, my son. Bedtime.

And come, he did, though slower than she desired.

Climb under the covers. Leave the toys behind.

Beloved Son, your Father and I love you so much.

And we’re proud of you.

Let’s pick a lullaby prayer tonight. Which one shall we sing?

Oh Mama, can we do the one you sang with Tía Elizabeth?

The one about knees and tongues!

Indeed dear one. I’ll start and you follow.

My soul celebrates the Lord and

My spirit rejoices in God my deliverer

The Spirit of the Lord has overshadowed me,

His servant.

He has anointed me, His Son,

His servant

To bring good news to the poor.

No longer call me Mara, but Blessed.

And give me the name Holy Deliverer

Of all creation’s knees and tongues

(he giggles)

for I’ve done and will do great things.

The mother’s chorus:

You see your people, you hear

Creation’s groans.

You promised deliverance to our

ancestors. Remember us!

Remember your strength and your mercy.

The Mighty One has sent me to bring

Freedom to prisoners:

The proud released from themselves

The powerful released from importance

The humble released from voicelessness

Both oppressed and oppressor

Set free

Those who stumble in darkness

Have seen a great light

And those who hunger and thirst

Will overflow with life.

The son’s chorus:

I see you my people, I hear

Creation’s groans.

The time of my favor is upon us,

It’s now coming.

For my arm is strong and my mercy great.

They sang the choruses a few more times together,

each playing their part

And then softly continued to hum.

He closed his eyes, at peace, secure in

his mother’s love.

She sighed, heart heavy, and wrapped his body under the blanket for the long cold night.

As she left the room, the cat came to

stand guard, making sure no one

disturbed the small boy until morning.

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