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The Jesus Way: A Trail Guide

We talk often about being a people who follow the way of Jesus. Personally, I find that phrase “followers of the way of Jesus” to be a more helpful identity than the term “Christian” because it suggests that we are people who practice the ways and words of Jesus, people who together seek to embody who we see Jesus to be, and follow in step with him as he points and leads to God’s healing reign.

Repeatedly the writers of the epistles remind their readers to imitate Jesus:

  • Paul, writing to the Ephesian believers, calls them (and us) to mimic God, as God’s beloved children, living in love as Christ loved us and poured himself out for us (Eph 5:1-2).

  • John the beloved reminds his "beloved children" that whoever claims to abide in Jesus ought to walk as Jesus walked (1 Jn 2:6)

  • And Paul, writing to the Corinthian believers, encourages them, like him, to not seek their own advantage but to do everything for God’s glory, imitating him as he imitates Christ (1 Cor 10:31-11:1)

When we mature in Christlikeness, we are




with God’s re-creating,

with God making all things whole again.

So let’s discover together the Jesus who leads us on “the Jesus way.” Let’s discern together how to practice the Jesus Way. From Labor Day until Pentecost— we’re going to walk the way with Jesus in Matthew’s gospel. Our Sunday morning scripture reflections will cover a portion of the text, and these forthcoming blog posts will explore the remainder of Matthew's gospel.

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