Work together

At Englewood, we think of ourselves as a real community, not primarily as a religious institution. Communities share a common life with common hopes, the valuing of common virtues and engaged with common work. Our large strategic initiatives…Daystar Childcare and Infant Learning Center, Englewood Community Development Corporation and Englewood Review of Books…are expressions of our common hopes, virtues and work.


However, these initiatives are not the exclusive expression of our common life. We have found numerous ways to be a permeable presence in our beloved neighborhood and city. Our life of love and care for one another flows naturally into our neighborhood, and the life of our neighbors flows naturally into Englewood. The way of Jesus compels us to truly love neighbor and enemy in concrete and tangible ways.

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Englewood Community Development Corporation (ECDC)

ECDC works to provide an excellent quality of life for those in our neighborhood and the surrounding community. This plays out in providing and managing affordable and accessible housing for neighbors, recruiting and expanding small businesses, working with individuals to find fair employment opportunities, and advocating for amenities such as recreational facilities, multi-modal transit, environmental equity, and neighborhood-based arts and creative place-making projects.

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DayStar Childcare &
Infant Learning Center

DayStar provides a safe, loving, developmentally appropriate environment for children of diverse backgrounds throughout the greater Indianapolis area. As an expression of Englewood Christian Church, DayStar provides quality, affordable early childhood education for families with children 6 weeks to 12 years of age.

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Englewood Review of Books

Launched by Englewood Christian Church in 2008, The Englewood Review of Books is a magazine distributed in separate editions (online and print) that covers a wide range of new books for an ecumenical and socially-engaged Christian audience. The intertwined practices of reading and conversation have been transformative for us as a church, and through the work of the ERB we aim to help other churches cultivate similar practices.